Customer Care



Serving our Customers Best Interest

At The Sovereign Group, we believe that delivering high standards of service to our customers is an integral part of our business. Good customer service and Resident Liaison is one of the most important things we can provide in today’s competitive marketplace.

To achieve improved levels of customer satisfaction, we have, upgraded our customer services procedures. We now employ a full range of communication tools, quality checks and Resident Liaison training, that aim to satisfy the needs of our customer at each stage of the ‘customer journey’.

From our family business roots, Customer Care has always been at the heart of the Sovereign philosophy. Due to the experience gained in 33 years in social housing refurbishment we have developed a Customer Care Procedure that addresses the diverse issues of working in Residents’ homes such as Methods of Communication, Code of Conduct, Complaints Procedure etc. The policy is implemented as early as possible on this scheme and continues that involvement and participation throughout the life of the project.

Resident involvement should commence at project initiation stage. This is the first Partnering meeting/workshop whereby all stakeholders gain an insight into their roles, responsibilities and obligations. Thereafter Resident involvement should remain as all other Partners.

  • Initial Residents Consultation Exercises
  • Initial Resident Surgeries
  • One on one
  • Residents Meetings/Open Days / Provide samples/show houseOngoing Resident Liaison
  • Resident’s feedback surveys
  • Set up a Suggestion Box for Residents and Operatives

Customer Satisfaction

The Sovereign Group recognise that customer satisfaction feedback is essential to monitor and continually improve our service. We feel that when we survey our Clients/Residents, we are sending a message not only to our customers, but also to our employees. Both customers and employees know that we are focused on the quality of our services and/or products when they see that we are paying attention to customer satisfaction. Our focus on customer service is driven by the will of our business, our culture and our vision for the future.

We openly invite customer complaints to endorse an open and responsive culture within our organisation. Customer complaints are handled professionally, fairly and effectively. Clients / Residents are given a client satisfaction/Resident satisfaction form to complete to enable us to monitor the overall experience of dealings with The Sovereign Group. This service is also openly available via our web site.

The data collected from these surveys allows us to feed back into our organisation the overall view our Clients/Residents have of us.

Common Courtesy

All clients, Residents, and colleagues are entitled to consideration and understanding and respect. We will:

  • Be polite and courteous at all times
  • Work within permitted hours and keep appointments
  • Have proper identification and display it
  • Not smoke inside customers home
  • Provide necessary protection and dust sheets
  • Not drink alcohol
  • Protect gardens, plants and trees where possible
  • Behave in a proper and respectful manner at all times
  • Not use customers toilet or washing facilities
  • Not use customer’s gas, electricity, telephone or tools without prior agreement
  • Not leave doors and windows unsecured
  • Park all our vehicles responsibly
  • Wear overalls and any Personal Safety Equipment provided
  • Clean up at the end of each working day and make area safe
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