Metropole Hotel

Metropole hotel

Bespoke Sliding Windows Design & Installation

Our research is always strategically driven and managed to better understand the needs and requirements of the building conservation sector and associated activities. We strive to better understand traditional techniques and decay process in order that our decisions relating to the care of the built environment are better informed.

The client approached Sovereign to act as main contractor due to the existing UPVC windows failing, becoming unsafe and being aesthetically displeasing. The decision was taken to replace the existing windows and doors with new ones.

Sovereign were faced with one of its most challenging projects. Using our knowledge in historic structures, conservation planning guidelines and input from our system suppliers we were able to incorporate the recommendations and guidelines into a test design which successfully resulted in the installation of bespoke ‘vertical sliding windows’ maintaining character and appearance of the building.

Window elbows and backs were removed in one piece, exposing the cavities between the architraves. The open cavities around the perimeter of the window openings were packed with mineral wool insulation to form a continuous seal. Expanded polystyrene bead insulation was then blown into the wall lining cavity through the mineral wool packing, until a full fill was achieved.

As a result, this improved thermal performance of the area surrounding the window and acoustic performance. Upon completion and in addition to guarantees the client was provided with an in-house coastal maintenance guide.

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